This blog contains My diary script. Not only that, You may found other materials that I hope can be useful to You, like: tutorials, jokes, lyric and other stuff. All posts written in Bahasa Indonesia language, for you as a foreigner, I’m sorry for that. My English capability isn’t good, writing in English language will be difficult to me. Maybe, you can use Google Translate (http://translate.google.com) to translated this blog.

This blog I created since October 2010. I realize this blog has developed slowly, but I take a determination to keep this blog growing. Actually, writing not My hobby, I caught My self confused while choosing matched word to used. But, I heard a proverb said that as an educated man, sharing their knowledge make their knowledge multiplied, not even make them losing. Well, I’m trying to be a better man then. The other point is to write My journey’s story, I think at the right time, somehow it will be useful to me or others.

If you have questions or something to tell, feel free to contact me if you wish. You can simply comment to any post’s comment area, or contact me at any account that I had (facebook, twitter, etc). Discover it at “about me” menu (home): gravatar hovercard.

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